Significantly Increase Your Confidence With Women

How to Increase Confidence Around Women

So, you’re spotting cute, attractive women where ever you look. You may want to walk up to one of these women, strike a confident pose and start talking, but you might be afraid she’ll blow you off. Come on! With that attitude, she will blow you off – we women can detect fear and lack of confidence just as easily as we can spot the spinach stuck between your teeth.

“Think” Confident
Do you have a good heart? You treat your mother and sisters like the gems they are – right? But – you also have a bit of a paunch, or a gap between your teeth that you hate. Sit down and grab a pencil and sheet of paper.

Start writing down a comprehensive list of your good points. Think of anything that anyone has said to you, including your Aunt Millie. The longer your list, the better. Include traits such as “good ethics, sense of humor and helpful in the kitchen.” Do you make a lasagna that’s to die for? Jot it down. The key here is to start building your self-confidence when you know what a good guy you truly are. So, forget the gap and paunch because a good women will not let those matter when she gets to know you.

Have Fun
The next time you see a cute woman and you want to talk to her, don’t freeze up, thinking that what you say will get you crossed off of her list. Instead, release the breath you’re holding and approach her with a smile on your face and in your voice. Have fun. Before long, you’ll find that you are having fun – and she’ll pick up on that. When you’re having fun, you’re naturally more confident about yourself. In short, don’t grade yourself.

No Pedestals
The cute woman in the next cubicle really has it going. She’s got a little dimple when she smiles and she’s got the most beautiful hair you’ve ever seen. When you gaze upon her beauty, you find yourself setting her on a pedestal. Big mistake. Remind yourself that, as cute as she is, she’s bound to have some traits she doesn’t want others knowing about. Feel better? Now, keeping that thought in mind, walk up to her and offer her a cup of coffee on your next break. Come on – do it.

Practice Meeting Women
It’s just like your old piano teacher always told you: “Practice makes perfect.” In other words, meeting and talking to a woman only once in a while isn’t enough for you to become “good” at it.

Make it your goal to talk to at least one attractive woman a day. Whether you’re in the frozen-food aisle, jogging in the park or taking a break at work, walk up to her and say, “Hi! My name is Joe/Steve/Mike. How are you today?”

Keep Your Dating Options Open
As in another section, practice makes perfect. How confident would you feel if it’s been more than a month since your last date? When you have dated someone, you have a better idea of what you can say or do to make a good impression and this carries over into your next date. In other words, date frequently and date more than one woman. If one woman doesn’t work out, you are able to go out with someone else.

Face Your Fears
Use your fear as a catalyst for acting. Whatever you fear the most – do it. Is your heart pounding as you think of talking to that cute woman in the next office? Take a deep breath, exhale and do it. Are your palms sweating as you think of calling the girl living on the floor above you? Call her.

Look at Your Self-Image
Look at yourself in the mirror. Make a mental list of your good points and zero in on those you need to work on. Change your wardrobe up to a cool-casual and find a haircut that’s attractive and easy to maintain. Strike a confident pose – literally. Your body language speaks volumes about your confidence. When you talk to a woman, look at her straight-on. Speak naturally and not too fast.

A woman can spot a confident man just as easily as she can spot one who lacks confidence. Whether you’re in between relationships or you haven’t dated much, you need to build and keep your self-confidence up. That’s tops on your list of things to do.

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